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Have you ever wanted something so bad and so soon, that it drove you crazy? Have you ever been so fixated and obsessed on that one thing that seems so close, yet so far away in time? So far away that the thought of waiting any longer for that THING you want so badly makes your heart hurt? It makes you feel anxious, it makes you feel overwhelmed and sometimes it leaves you feeling frustrated and even hopeless. For those of you who are currently feeling this or have ever felt these feelings before, I want to let you know that patience is your cure-all.

Whether it’s that “in-between” time amid you and your goals that’s not moving as fast as you’d like or even if it’s a car in front of you in the middle of rush hour that’s going way too slow, having patience is something we all struggle with, including myself.

Time, as we know it is always moving forward. For us impatient people, this is great news! It means that no matter what, if we are willing to devote our energy into working hard every day towards our most important goals, time will move us in the direction of that very thing that we want. Learning to view time as your ally and not your enemy is the first step in overcoming impatience.

Being patient will not only give you more time to develop as a person, but it will also allow you to be ready and truly prepared for your biggest dreams when it’s time for them to manifest. Being impatient strips away your ability to see the ‘big picture’ of things and this can be detrimental to your overall success.

Patience cultivates clarity. Clarity yields direction and it yields focus. That focus alone, will carry you in the direction you are trying to go. You just have to let time be your ally and do the rest of the work. Continue to attack your goals aggressively but remember that sometimes...just sometimes, God’s plan and your plans move at different paces.

There is beauty and there is triumph in the destination but, the journey, that in-between time between you and your goals is filled with so many valuable, meaningful lessons that only time can grant you. Remember, time is your ally. Don’t underestimate the power of time and don’t underestimate the power of patience.

So whatever it is that you want; whatever type of life you are trying to create; whatever impact you are wanting to make...remember, none of it can be accomplished without patience. Everything you are working hard for will come to fruition. It all just starts with you believing it first. Keep doing the right things. Keep making good decisions, and eventually the things you are yearning for will happen. Don’t RUSH the process. TRUST the process.

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