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Passionate About Inspiring Others

A North Carolina native and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill graduate, Keenan Harrell is an engaging, energetic, and exciting speaker that aims to catalyze social good, one speech at a time.

His desire to be a public speaker has been heavily influenced by his experience working in the sports industry and witnessing its ability to positively influence people’s lives. The enthusiasm he has for sports comes from his belief that sports benefit our society in multiple capacities. Not only is it an exciting form of entertainment, competition, and an electrifying display of athletic prowess; it also serves as a platform for change, social awareness, and most importantly philanthropic opportunities. Keenan utilizes the lessons learned through competition and sport as a vehicle in sharing ways to overcome adversity, achieve success, and become the best version of yourself. 

Keenan is an extremely optimistic individual who seeks to inspire others through the use of positive energy, compelling story telling, and entertaining speech. He seeks to recognize and cultivate the potential in others while focusing on their strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence. Through speaking, he is able to transform any experience from good to great. 


  • Sport for Social Good

  • Motivational Speaking

  • Character/Leadership Development for Student-Athletes &Teens

  • Life Navigation & Goal Attainment 

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